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positive sentiment: abcnews congratulations r in order i guess i would like to thank covid19 but most of all our awesome leaders who have done a beautiful job leading us to this excellent achievement sarcasm australia

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positive sentiment: the fed should be repaying people a universal income not buying mortgage backed securities invest in people you already won we all succeed if you allow all to succeed why should the few at the top with power be the only to be free of fear true survival newrenaissance

negative sentiment: helloteamtrump lawyer4laws reportgovfraud1 c_3c_3 mrandyngo truthsearch1957 helloteamtrump hariharmohan twitter suppressed this eric holder acting us attorney at the time of planned financial crisis acknowledged mortgage backed securities mbs rmbs were problematic nothing was done and millions more lost their homes financial fraud abuse




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negative sentiment: for fans of good debt vs bad debt credit cards in times of distress people are liable for all debt when you are missing the income to repay debts there is no good income vs bad income just missing income affordability economy unemployment




positive sentiment: inv3st2 this is a great question laddering some gic s is one option but the interest rates won t be great but a safe diversified portfolio would probably be best so that a portion of the money is very safe and yet a portion has the opportunity to grow for 1 5 years

negative sentiment: derivedthoughts people iamcardib your condescending attitude is getting old and you are a liar black people pay higher interest rates eeoc is a joke what free education are you talking about and i will use racism to call people like you out all day long racist racism racist racism racist racism



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negative sentiment: criminal gangs are ruthlessly exploiting this pandemic to commit fraud uk finance members repo almost 15 000 impersonation scam cases in h1 2020 fraud financialservices financialcrime scams




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positive sentiment:powell credit pretty broadly available to small medium sized businesses powell fed has had good success in restoring corporate bond marketswell just played his hand admitting credit mkts are wide open any adjustment to policy will be seen for exactly what it is

negative sentiment: granadareports bond villains leak a virus from china and the medical establishment and corporate press commit fraud with the death figures while funding minority hate groups to terrorise law abiding citizens to keep quiet replacment migration and depopulation agenda are implamented on the west




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positive sentiment: moneycoach but elizabethmay has assured me that i am not at any risk of a lawsuit from her or anyone at the green party and that they suppo my cause which now of course includes denouncing the systemic fuckery at the green party i m pretty consistent it turns out lol

negative sentiment: broski_john cooolascat ok but why try to take away from black people s struggles yes white people are also at risk of police brutality but it happens to black people more often that s systemic racism for this one white kid killed there were 3 black kids killed you get what i m saying




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negative sentiment: bank customers are critical factors in preventing scams and detecting fraud on their account en has opened up more gateways for fraudre should be done to educate customers about fraud and scams triversa fraud moneylaundering